21st Century Learning in the cloud

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Registration Name : eINDIA2011/AN/216
Project Category : digitalLEARNING::Best ICT Enabled School of the Year
Project Name : 21st Century Learning in the cloud

Details of Applicant
Name : Shabbi Luthra
Address : SF 2, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex Road, Bandra East
City : Mumbai
State : Maharashtra
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 400098

Details of Project/Implementing Agency
Name of Organisation : The American School of Bombay
Address : SF 2, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex Road,,Bandra East,
City : Mumbai
State : Maharashtra
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 400098
Name of the head of Organisation : Craig Johnson
Website : www.asbindia.org

Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
21st Century Learning in the cloud

Why was the project started :
We felt that application-based software services did not facilitate and stimulate 21st century learning opportunities and that the growing back-end cost of supporting learning with technology was not sustainable in the long-term from both the management and fiscal perspectives.
Objective : Move traditional software-based learning and management services to a cloud environment while retaining secure, reliable service in order to better facilitate anytime, anywhere learning opportunities.
Target group :
K-12 students and teachers
Geographical reach :
ASB Campus and Worldwide Access
Date from which the project became operational :
Day Month Year
Is the Project still operational :

10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

  1. Many cloud services implemented are still in early phases of development
  2. Many cloud services implemented are still in early phases of development the public and private clouds.
  3. Facilitates emerging and critical methods of teaching and learning such as fostering 21st century skills and building strong digital citizenship.
  4. Have had to solve many new issues as they come up that do not have a large knowledge base of support.
  5. Cloud computing is a relatively new concept with many challenges
  6. There is no one “canned” package that a school can purchase for all their cloud computing needs.
  7. A lot of time has been invested into R&D for the initiative
  8. Has required a cultural shift at the school for the whole learning community.
  9. There exists much controversy still around the feasibility of cloud computing in schools.
  10. Few schools have made a serious effort to move wholly to the cloud

List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

  1. All students grade 3-12 use Google Apps/Windows Live Mesh/Dropbox for creating, editing, storing and sharing documents online.
  2. School remained open online during 2009 H1N1 outbreak due to cloud-based distance learning services such as Adobe Connect, ASB’s podcast/vodcast server, and Google Apps.
  3. Moved to Microsoft Live@edu for all student and staff mailboxes.
  4. We have enabled discussions about student work and learning to happen in social learning environments such as Voicethread, thus extending the experience to a broader community of learners.
  5. We have moved typically heavy media editing such as audio, video and imagery to innovative cloud-based services. In addition, we’ve adopted a wide variety of social technologies and moved all administration, governance, and parent communication online.

List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative

  1. Training students, teachers and parents
  2. Shifting a school culture away from application-based software
  3. Identifying feasible solutions that retain necessary functionality of application-based software precursors
  4. Reliable customer support from providers
  5. Demands on current infrastructure and restructuring the role of IT support staff.

List the 5 points how can the prgramme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

  1. All cloud-based services are accessible to anyone with any Internet-enable device
  2. Costs are less than hardware-based services.
  3. Non-dependence on upgrading existing systems and software as it can be accessed through a web browser
  4. Many services exist in multiple languages
  5. Services are not location dependent and Roles of IT support staff have changed significantly to build leadership skills.

List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

  1. No limit to location of teaching and learning
  2. Cost-per-student goes down as student numbers rise.
  3. Time and expense required for imaging machines and maintaining infrastructure is dramatically reduced.
  4. Training of staff and students on use of services is easy.
  5. Upgrades of software are easier managed in the cloud.

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