Destination Success – the e-learning solution from S.Chand Harcourt (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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Registration Name : eINDIA2011/AN/211
Project Category : digitalLEARNING::Best ICT Enabled Content for K12 Education
Project Name : Destination Success – the e-learning solution from S.Chand Harcourt (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Details of Applicant :
Name : Amit Gupta
Address : A-27 Mohan Cooperatives Industrial Estate Mathura Road
City : Delhi
State : Delhi
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 110044

Details of Project/Implementing Agency :
Name of Organisation : S. Chand Harcourt (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-27 Mohan Cooperatives Industrial Estate,Mathura Road,
City : Delhi
State : Delhi
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 110044
Name of the head of Organisation : Amit Gupta
Website :

Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative : Destination Success is a path breaking technology enabled education solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of the teachers and students in schools. Based on modern educational research and established educational practices , it uses the latest and easy- to- use technological framework to make for an enriched teaching learning environment. The solution presents a holistic educational programme with digital and print materials , student tracking and report generating facilities , professional development services, training and technical maintenance provisions and after sales support.

Why was the project started :
The two partners, S.Chand group and EMPGI, individually and collectively, understood the immense opportunity for a synergy between the two organizations and contribute to the educational sphere in India and abroad . Each company has a rich portfolio of educational material and, each has a set of unique strengths. Both the partners felt a pooling in of these strengths and the shared common vision would lead to a special synergy, in the educational space in India. The joint venture was launched to provide a wide spectrum of high quality, internationally acclaimed educational resources and services in India and abroad.

Objective :
The goal of the venture was to raise educational standards and transform educational thinking through a cutting edge technology enabled solution.
Target group : All Private and Government Schools affiliated to National, State, International Boards. All class K-12.
Geographical reach : Presence all across India and middle east region of the world.
Date from which the project became operational : 1 April 2008
Is the Project still operational : YES

10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

  1. A wholistic educational solution offering a range of elements: instruction, practice, evaluation, suggested lesson plans, assessment activities, using a range of materials, digital, print, manipulatives in an educationally appropriate cohesive and well knit form. This ensures a Blended Approach – technology, textbook, activity sheets, hands on activities, teacher explanation, group and individual work—to transform the teaching learning process is the distinctive innovativeness of the programme.
  2. Flexibility and ease of use: The solution can be used in varied ways : whole class, group, and individual instruction and learning, giving teachers freedom and choice to use it as best meets the lesson and student requirements, a flexibility of multipurpose use and also narrowing down from macro to micro level. The same flexibility is extended in the infrastructure : the solution can be made available in a single classroom, multiple rooms, a computer lab and an entire school as per the infrastructure and budget of a school.
  3. Progressive pedagogy: The lessons are based on established internationally accepted educational principles with a clear structure and development. Destination Success is based on modern educational research incorporating the best of Behaviourism, Constructivism, Multiple Intelligences and Brain Based Learning . It is educationally well established that focusing on only one way of learning , results in a reductionist and narrow approach . Instruction cannot be effective if it is based on extreme positions. There is a clear lesson framework: explanation/ discussion, guided practice, independent practice, application. Varied interactivities help keep the learner on task and enable a teacher to evaluate for understanding.
  4. Seamless integration in the curriculum:There is a seamless integration of the solution in a school’s educational programme and teaching learning practices. The structure of each lesson and each course enables a teacher to weave in the solution with the school textbooks and other resources, to create a rich teaching learning experiences.
  5. Quality preparation time and professional development for teachers : Modern research on learning and the challenges of the 21st century make great demands on teachers-the need to individualise teaching to meet different learning needs and styles and develop critical thinking, articulate and confident learners able to adapt to change and innovatively work in new situations. This calls for huge planning and massive scales of work – identifying multiple resources and strategies, effecting individualised plans, continuously evaluating learning to help each learner realise his/her potential. The S.Chand Harcourt solution, Destination Success, ( digital courseware and teacher training) enables teachers to so all this in an efficient and effective way. The solution frees up teachers for routine paper work to focus on a higher level preparation of lessons, wider educational reading and study and for providing individual attention to children in each class. The solution allows teachers to track each student’s progress and levels of understanding in each lesson, and across a course, enabling judicious intervention and dynamic support per student as mandated in the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation of the CBSE, ICSE and different State Boards. Critically, the solution enables professional development of teachers as they learn varied strategies for teaching embedded in the content
  6. Meeting school needs :The solution offering has different forms, each in alignment with a schools’ needs and technology preparedness, ensuring cost effective and quality implementation.
  7. Whole school networking:The use of technology to efficiently manage all school resources –human and material- to ensure a synergised and well coordinated school operations involving all stakeholders-students, staff, administrators, parents.
  8. Empowering Students:Concepts and Skills: At the core of the programme is the development of student learning- creating enduring understanding of concepts, not a memorization of rules, facts and formulae. The focus is on the explanation of concepts, the `What’`Why’ and `How’ to help students gain a sound and full understanding of concepts. Each concept and new knowledge is presented in a context, a real life situation so students see the relevance of the learning and through the interactive presentation, learn how to `do’ and `work out’. The student, with the teacher, discovers and deduces, analyses and solves, developing critical learning skills to become an independent and confident learner, with a strong learning base and genuine engagement in the learning process.
  9. Meeting different learning need and styles:The use of all element of multimedia-audio on screen text, graphics/animations, musical rendition, `doing activities’-makes for a vibrant teaching learning experience and helps meet the different learning styles of students. The step by step presentation and a `show me’ section that takes student through each problem/task towards its solution and the stepped up tasks helps meet the different learning levels in a classroom.
  10. Continuous support: There is a wide and continuous support provided for the easy and effective use of the solution: Ongoing tracing of teachers, placement of an IT Executive on the school campus, follow up visits by company expects, electronic and telephonic discussions with school representatives to answer queries and concerns.

List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

  1. The effective and successful use of the solution in a wide spectrum of schools in national and international locations; schools with a state of the art infrastructure and schools with elementary infrastructure.
  2. .Impact on teaching and teachers Improved ICT skills : The teachers are more IT proficient, comfortable in independently navigating through the solution to use a variety of its features, including the Interactive white board, for teaching. Cross disciplinary teaching and learning : One of the greatest teaching steps has been the planned use of the same content by two-three different subject teachers leading to a vibrant cross disciplinary learning by students. Using a Blended Approach in teaching : Teachers have learned to understand and use multiple resources and strategies in the teaching learning process. Teachers now blend the textbook, digital content, interactive board, activity sheets, physical hands on activities, group tasks, non textbook material(newspaper, objects etc) . Increased Creative teaching skills: The S.Chand Harcourt solution is based on established educational research and progressive teaching approaches with a sound instructional model. It serves as an effective professional development medium for teachers.With increased understanding and use of the solution and through the training conducted by S.Chand Harcourt, the teachers are able to use the solution in different ways to meet the varied needs of the students. This includes selecting different activities for students to meet their different needs and styles- replay of lesson/sections of it for the less proficient students and setting more challenging tasks for the more proficient students; using the audio rendition of stories/poems to teach students recitation and improve diction and pronunciation; extended /extrapolated writing and project work on the content; patterning tasks and instruction on the strategies and tools included in the solution . Effective and efficient evaluation of students’ learning: Teachers confidently use the interactivities and tasks in the solution for evaluating each student’s learning, tracking their progress and Improved lesson planning: Each lesson in the S.Chand Harcourt solution is based on a well defined model. Through increased use and training , teachers have developed a better understanding of effective lesson planning
  3. Impact on students Clear and easy understanding of concepts : Students have been better able to understand concepts through the step by step explanation with familiar real life situations, varied examples and graded practice. Every concept is presented as a real life problem / activity with a cross disciplinary approach so learning became easy and meaningful. Increased interest and engagement with their learning: The presentation of material through animations, visuals and audio components; varied forms of explanation and activities helped to engage students with the learning and lead to increased motivation and enduring understanding which has translated into increased student participation in class and better academic performance. Students with learning, language and concentration difficulties began to focus more on the content and showed improved levels of understanding. Independent learning, communication and higher order thinking skills : The clear concept presentation in an easy to follow way through the blended approach, graded activities, questions with immediate feedback and ‘show me’ sections for practice have helped students take charge of their learning and apply themselves to solve problems, ask questions and work with peers on tasks. Improved ICT proficiency: With the increased use of the solution in the classes and concomitant student participation through the interactivities, the students have shown a marked ease and proficiency with technology –navigating through the software and using the features of the interactive board.
  4. Kendriya Vidyalayas: There is great demographic disparity within one Kendriya Vidyalaya and across Kendriya Vidyalayas in the country. With a standard solution available to all the Kendriya Vidyalayas, ensures a uniform access to quality content. S.Chand Harcourt provided a training programme to meet the unique needs of the Kendriya Vidyalayas but sensitive to the requirements of each individual school. Kendriya Vidyalayas cater to government employees who have transferable jobs; the schools thus have a ‘migrating’ student population. The S.Chand Harcourt technology enabled solution ensured students across the schools at different did not face problems in continuing their learning even if they shift from one place to another.The programme is still running in all the five Kendriya Vidyalayas and is being used by all the targeted classes. The schools have expanded the use of the solution to include classes I-II and subjects other than those targeted in the pilot.
  5. in its short span on three years, the solution has been recognised for its path breaking educational solution and support services in the form of several awards.

List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative :

  1. Teachers’ unfamiliarity and fear of technology : The biggest challenge was to help teachers shed their scepticism and apprehension in using technology in their teaching. Many teachers were unfamiliar with the basic elements of technology and were wary of using the solution in the classroom as they were comfortable with traditional ways of teaching. The training programme by S.Chand Harcourt and continuous support in the form of refresher trainings on the campus helped teachers gain proficiency in the use of the solution.
  2. Equal access to the solution: The availability of only one room for several classes in some schools posed some difficulty in ensuring all the classes had equal and appropriate access to it. S.Chand Harcourt provided some guidance in timetabling to ensure this.
  3. Monitoring of the use of the solution and responding to teachers’ queries This was done with the help of the school programme coordinator and the S.Chand Harcourt team and the S.Chand Harcourt IT executive who maintains a register to log in details of use, queries and difficulties and with the head office provides easy and quick responses.
  4. Reaching out to remote areas:The installation of the solution in remote areas of the country where communication and means of travel in severely limited and difficult. A strategic network of IT executives and the use of technology for installation through remote means has helped reach out to the interiors of India and overseas.
  5. Appropriately qualified resources across the organisation: The high quality standards of the solution requires sound expertise across different segments -content development, training, sales and getting the best talent and specialists is not easy. The company developed clear recruitment procedures to select correctly and effected rigorous in house training and monitoring systems to meet its quality standards.

List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

  1. The expansion of the solution across a variety of schools reflects that the solution is dynamic.
  2. The standardised digital courseware which can be blended with school syllabus and textbooks for effective teaching allows easy replication of the solution.
  3. The different geographical and demographic profiles of the schools has not interfered in the effective running of the solution and points to its use in varied locations and schools.

List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative :

  1. The solution can be run in one room to which all classes have timetabled access. The solution can be scaled up to a lab solution, use of mobile carts with laptops to be wheeled into specific classrooms and a whole school each classroom solution.
  2. Master Trainers : a group of teachers in each subject/class group are trained to then train other teachers
  3. Use of teleconferencing
  4. Distance training through modules and literature
  5. IT executive on the campus to support teachers

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