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Registration Name : eINDIA2011/AN/223
Project Category : digitalLEARNING::Best ICT Enabled Higher Education Institute of the Year
Project Name : DigiClass Pro

Details of Applicant
Name : Maimoni Loreto Basumatary
Address : Chilkur Village,Moinabad Mandal RR Dist
City : Hyderabad
State : Andhra Pradesh
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 501 504

Details of Project/Implementing Agency
Name of Organisation : Pearson Education Services Pvt Ltd
Address : 10, 3rd Main, Ashwini Layout, Intermediate Ring road,Ejipura, Koramangala,
City : Bangalore
State : Karnataka
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 560 047
Name of the head of Organisation : Meena Ganesh

Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
DigiClass Pro is a multimedia based ICT solution specifically for higher education (Engineering). Based on the Cognitive Learning Approach, DigiClasss multimedia content, DigitALly™ includes animation, images, PowerPoint slides and several other learning objects. DigitALly™ helps teachers manage an open repository of learning objects, which are multimedia-enabled and syllabus-specific. The multimedia content helps in making the classroom learning more engaging – resulting in better understanding and retention of concepts. It also empowers teachers to customize their teaching sessions, keeping the learners’ pace in mind. This year, we introduced DigitALly™ 3.3.0 – an updated version with new easy-to-use features. DigitALly™ has various content types like animations, videos, self-explanatory diagrams, concept maps, 3D interactivity, worksheets, quizzes, e-books and past year question papers– all of which are regularly updated. The application offers two modes of usage: Teach In Class (TIC) .It is an easy-to-use and attractive interface through which teachers can access the preloaded content in the classroom. Objects are mapped to the School curriculum, which helps teachers to discover the desired object based on his/her teaching plan. Readymade Teaching slides with context specific links to multimedia objects is the most appreciated feature of TIC . In addition to the teaching slides, teachers can take advantage of special feature: Knowledge Library, which covers topics like Edutainment, Infozone, Poems/Rhymes, Atlas, 3D Anatomy, and Entrance Prep. My Links and my institution features enable teachers to show the custom content created/added by him/her or other teachers. Prepare For Class (PFC) . In PFC mode, teachers can make changes to the preloaded content, add new objects or edit learning objects created by other teachers/users.Teachers can find the desired objects either by search using keywords or by navigating through the course curriculum. Search results are categorized into object type like Videos, Animations, E-books, 3D objects, Images, Teaching Slides, Lesson Plans and many more, which helps the user to reach to the desired type quickly.Teachers can create Teaching Slides and create in-line links to the learning objects from the Search Results.Teachers can also create a favorite list of objects to show in the Classroom.Teachers can create/edit question papers using repository of questions and print the same for the classroom usage. PFC enables schools can add new subjects/chapters and UI clearly demarcates and school added courses. TIC and PFC are tightly integrated, all custom content added/edited/created in PFC is accessible in TIC

Why was the project started :
We, at KG Reddy Engineering College felt that there were many challenges faced by engineering students which were not being addressed, like availability of good quality lecturers/professors, standardised pedagogy, teaching and learning aids, quality infrastructure etc. With DigiClass Pro’s award winning multimedia content DigitALly™, we have standardised the quality of content across all institutions. The various teacher training programmes ensure that professors/lecturers are trained and up-to-date, and the multimedia content ensures that concepts are explained with state-of-the-art technology. Through DigiClass Pro, we also provide training for other skills required for Job readiness like, Soft skills, English Language Skills, Current Industry Skills etc.

Objective :
To use an ICT led technology solution to improve the teaching – learning process.

Target group :
Teachers and students
Geographical reach : Pan India
Date from which the project became operational : Day Month 2007
Is the Project still operational : YES

10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

  1. DigiClass Pro is based on Cognitive Learning and reiterates the relationship between “the known” and “to be learnt” by associating new material with something familiar.
  2. DigiClass Pro’s multimedia content DigitALlyâ„¢ – with AV, demonstrations, simulations, rhymes, games, activity sheets, animations, videos, self-explanatory diagrams, concept maps, 3D interactivity.
  3. DigitALlyâ„¢: Teacher Centric Application for classrooms
  4. DigitALly™ enforces “Separation of Concern” with Create and Teach Mode
  5. DigitALlyâ„¢ is preloaded with various content types (worksheets, quizzes, e-books, old question papers)
  6. Readymade Teaching slides with context specific links to learning objects
  7. Creation and customization of Teaching Slides on Microsoft PowerPoint
  8. DigitALlyâ„¢ is an open repository: institutions can add new learning objects or courses
  9. DigitALlyâ„¢ makes all learning objects (preloaded as well as added) automatically searchable in a single user interface
  10. Empowers the institution with a powerful reporting dashboard to track the effectiveness of DigitALlyâ„¢ in the classroom.

List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

  1. Greater level of technology savviness and adoption among professors
  2. More engaging and interactive classroom sessions
  3. Improved results among students
  4. Comprehensive training has helped teachers overcome apprehension of using technology and it has been embraced widely as an effective tool
  5. Makes teaching more effective as it saves valuable hours for the teacher which she can employ in class with her students.

List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative

  1. Professors were uncertain of the effectiveness of a technology solution for classroom delivery
  2. Educating professors on the acceptance and usage of technology was a challenge. To overcome this hurdle, professors underwent an extensive training and certification programme.
  3. Encouraging professors to incorporate DigitALlyâ„¢ into their teaching methodology is difficult. Hence DigitALlyâ„¢ enables them to add/edit content, add their own learning objects and customize lesson plans, resulting in a sense of ownership of content and self motivation.

List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

  1. Programme offered on a BOOT Modal (Build Own Operate & Transfer) which reduces the burden of Initial heavy investments for the colleges.
  2. Turnkey Solution combining, Infrastructure/Hardware, Academic Content mapped to Respective Universities, Comprehensive Training for Stakeholders and Upkeep of the solution
  3. Regular Content Upgrades at no additional cost for the colleges in the contractual period
  4. Empowerment to Lecturers/Professors with Standard Flow of Teaching with a huge repository of academic Multimedia Content.
  5. Greater usage creates Interest for students thereby increasing their recall and retention capacities resulting in better Results

List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

  1. The architecture used in the college premises is similar to a web based offering. It has the capability to service hundreds of classrooms/clients concurrently.
  2. The institutions have the option to add as much as of content objects depending on the free disk space. There is no limitation on the number of content objects
  3. It is designed to be fault-tolerant. Right from its individual APIs to the environment has the virtue.
  4. “Take a Backup” feature lets the institution create backup snapshots that may potentially act as a replicated environment.
  5. The content in the school is secured on a virtualized environment. This prevents the environment from eavesdropping and Trojan attacks.
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