E-Broadcast (E-Mahiti Shakti)

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Registration Name : eINDIA2011/AN/192
Project Category : eGov::Best Government to Citizens Initiative of the Year
Project Name : E-Broadcast (E-Mahiti Shakti)

Details of Applicant :
Name : Alok Kumar Pandey
Address : District Panchayat Office Station Road Amreli
City : Amreli
State : Gujarat
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 365601

Details of Project/Implementing Agency
Name of Organisation : Panchayat Department
Address : District Panchayat Office,Station Road,Amreli
City : Amreli
State : Gujarat
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 365601
Name of the head of Organisation : Alok Kumar Pandey, IAS
Website : http://emahitishaktiamreli.webs.com/

Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
Aim: This project is a community broadcasting of information and useful details of government in message form using ICT. This GSM application and covers entire district. There is a dedicated server which is kept at district level having the modified software in the computer. A modem and a SIM card are installed in it. At all consented village panchayats (which are recipient) a LED panel is installed in the front conspicuous line at the village panchayat office. This LED is 1*5 feet in the size so that any person can see it easily. We have placed a receiving SIM and a modem in the LED panel also. Likewise, an interface card is also located inside the panel. Process: Now having this entire technical infrastructure at the place we send information in the form of the text message from the server. These messages can be sent to the entire district in one go or in the groups of villages or a particular village. Security: district level server is user ID and password protected so no unwanted person can handle the server and broadcasting can be done only by dedicated staff. Recipient side is also protected. The interface card which is placed inside the LED panel will verify first of all that the particular information has been sent from district server and will only display those messages which are sent from there. Receiving SIMs are having DND (do not disturb) facility so no unwanted or commercial messages will be displayed. Hardware: Using this E-Broadcast we can send any useful information or instructions of the government within no time even to the remotest villages from State Head Quarter or District Head Quarter.

Why was the project started :
In present system minutes of meetings, important instructions of Govt., useful information were sent to the stakeholders like BPL, Sc/Sts, Women, Anganwadis, Schools etc. via post, vehicle. This includes fuel, stationary, vehicle and postage expanses. Even though information reaches to concerned in days, weeks or even in months. This project is implemented to solve all these problems and ensures transparency in administration. (Direct contact with villagers) and provide 24 hrs alert system.

Objective :
Main objective of E-Mahiti Shakti is to bring transparency in system, inform and educate people, reduce time in delivery system, building capacity among rural/urban target groups and strengthening e-Governance in a cost efficient manner by using information and communication technology.
Target group : This project has been designed in such a way that in every village people can get benefited at their doorstep. Coverage of this project is entire society rural – urban – women – senior citizen – children – physically disabled – BPL – literate & even illiterate. This system has sound alert in place and message reader (will come soon) so that each section of security can get benefited.
Geographical reach : Entire district is covered under broadcasting if they are having LED panels. At present we have 325/592 delivery centre. Hon’ble CM shri Narendra Modi has declared this project to be implemented throughout the state in all the 18000 villages so we may say that whole state will be under its coverage area.
Date from which the project became operational : 7 April 2011
Is the Project still operational : YES

10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

  1. Very first time GSM based technology is used to broadcast information up to village level.
  2. Rapidly disseminates the information within seconds.
  3. This ICT is very cheaper because cost of one message is only Rs.0.007.
  4. As per importance of the message it will displayed at village level with or without sound alert.
  5. Broadcasting in vernacular language as well as Hindi and English also.
  6. System gets power from electricity as well as from solar also which gives continuous power supply and broadcasting takes place round the clock.
  7. System is self-sustainable and generates income on its own & we got approximately 5-6 lacs to end of the year.
  8. Panels are located at villages so service is being provided at the doorstep so mobility related issues are also addressed.
  9. The information of various schemes to the beneficiary group will bring transparency in system.
  10. Open to all so digital inclusion without any differences made available.

List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

  1. Earlier on 14/9/11 Thebi dam of Amreli got damaged. Using this ICT we conveyed messages with sound alert to the downstream villages so people transferred at safer place.
  2. We are regularly displaying APMC prices on LED panel placed at village level. Farmers get to know about rate of particular commodity and only go to APMC if they think they may be in profit. This project will linked with APMC website within a short spam of time.
  3. Gram Swagat is a redressal program of Government of Gujarat in which aggrieved person may lodge complaint in any village panchayat ehich will addressed by government authorities. Now, there is tremendous increase in application because we are regularly broadcast information about the programs.
  4. During this monsoon epidemic diseases like malaria, jaundice etc., are erupted, we were broadcasting information about precautionary cures and treatments.
  5. We are trying to link to health department (E-Mamta website).

List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative :

  1. There is very little fund in our contingency fund of district and village panchayats. So we used fund granted by state government to the village panchayats under Seed Money programme.
  2. We faced severe attack from some of the village panchayats and politicians. They started saying that in democracy no order should come from top and village panchayats must take the decision on their own. We had meeting with them and properly briefed about the project and convinced them.
  3. Media created hurdles without understanding the project. We have to give a press note about all rumors which were publishing.
  4. Amreli is located little far from the state capital and not more technical expertise is available. So companies which were invited werent much interested in doing the job but somehow looking at their business they agreed.
  5. Due to network problem in remote villages we had to installed panels at appropriate place.

List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

  1. At present minutes of meetings, important instructions of Govt., useful information reaches to the concerned in days, weeks or even months. Using this ICT we can send all information with in seconds. Present delivery system expense is in the form of stationary papers, post, vehicle, fuel etc. using this ICT cost will reduce and will be only Rs 0.007 per message which is immense cheaper.
  2. Our coverage is entire society rural-urban-women-senior citizen-children- physically disabled-BPL-literate and even illiterate.
  3. Corporate, Private players, Banks, APMCs may use this platform to send messages which will cost them and bring money to Govt..
  4. Transparency: We used to broadcast any ongoing work of PWD department, MGNREGA, TSC etc. to the concerned villages so locals may know about the ongoing work
  5. More and more participation in govt. has started showing its statistical data in govt. schemes, project with advent of this project which is basically Capacity building.

List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative :

  1. This project is self-sustainable. Operational cost will be taken by service provider after levying a profit charge on to them. We are getting 3000-5000 Rs. per month as profit.
  2. Grant of this project was provided by the Panchayat Department of State government and utilized for this innovative project.
  3. Various banks are sponsoring this project so we are getting funds from them. Likewise, income can be generated by system itself so funds we are getting from those sources.
  4. By a written order a full dedicated staff is appointed to maintain and operate the system. By this way this ICT would not be one officer oriented. Thus, ICT is self sustainable.
  5. Technically also available fund will be utilized to provide AMC to keep maintenance of the system. That way technically also it is very sustainable.

Documents publishing URL :

  1. http://emahitishaktiamreli.webs.com/


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