ODLSoft / ERP Peoplesoft Implementation

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Registration Name : eINDIA2011/AN/205
Project Category : digitalLEARNING::Best Technology Solutions for Education Institutes
Project Name : ODLSoft / ERP Peoplesoft Implementation

Details of Applicant
Name : VSP Srivastav
Address : IGNOU Maidan Garhi
City : New Delhi
State : New Delhi
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 110068

Details of Project/Implementing Agency
Name of Organisation : TCS
Address : Parliament Street,,
City : New Delhi
State : New Delhi
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 110001
Name of the head of Organisation : Tanmoy Chakrabarty
Website : www.tcs.com

Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
ERP implementation in IGNOU was a step towards green environment by cutting the usage of papers in a typical government organization, thus attempting towards less paper office. Efforts have been made to reduce the paper transaction to a great extent.

Why was the project started : For better control and transparency in back office transactions and real time reporting of the activity.

Objective :
To implement the state of art technology for back office automation
Target group : ALL IGNOU Employees in Headquarter
Geographical reach : Delhi
Date from which the
project became operational : 24 December 2008
Is the Project still operational : YES

10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

  1. Single set of master data across the university
  2. Transactions on common data base
  3. Transparency in purchase and inventory
  4. Real time reports of revenue and expenditure
  5. Use of ICT in government organization
  6. Changing of mind set of government employees
  7. Less use of Paper
  8. Monitoring of self services, like Leave, Mediacl re-imbursement, tour claim etc from the work place
  9. Speed in clearing of files
  10. Digital consolidation and on line reporting

List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

  1. Efficiency and transparency
  2. Process improvement
  3. Green environment by cutting use of paper
  4. Computer literacy to all
  5. Document management system was taken up using
  6. Documentum Software. All the important documents, like minutes of various statuary bodies meeting, Office Orders, service book were digitized.

List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative

  1.  Frequent transfer of employees, which has been temporarily stopped by Vice Chancellor till the implementation of project
  2. Cancellation of user training and user acceptance testing sessions, it was overcome by weekly meeting of all the section heads and discussion on availability of man power for the project.
  3. Slow decision making was avoided by involving the respective Head of Departments
  4. Delay in Sign-off was taken care by intervention of top management.
  5. A team comprising of TCS and IGNOu team took the challenges of Change management by delivering regular training, communicating the health of the project and personal meeting with all stake holders and union officials.

List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

  1.   Digitization and capturing of all financial transaction in an university
  2.   Transparency in Leave and all other employee details
  3.   Best Practices in Human Capital management and Financial supply chain management.
  4.   Faster processing of all business of the organization
  5.   Audit trail

List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

  1. Extension to Regional Centres in India & abroad
  2. Enhancements for paper less transactions
  3. Addition of more modules like APAR and other changes in Statutory requirements of the organization.
  4. Integration with Students registration system
  5. Integration with on line examination system


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