State e-Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG)

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Registration Name : eINDIA2011/AN/232
Project Category : eGov::Best Government to Citizens Initiative of the Year
Project Name : State e-Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG)

Details of Applicant :
Name : Pravin Chandekar
Address : Department Of Information Technology, Government of Goa 2nd Floor, Alcon Construction Above Alcon Hyundai Showroom
City : Porvorim
State : Goa
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 403521

Details of Project/Implementing Agency :
Name of Organisation : M/s Infosys Limited
Address : Plot No. 44 & 97A,Electronics City, Hosur Road
City : Bangalore
State : Karnataka
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 560100
Name of the head of Organisation : Shri C.N. Raghupathi
Website :

Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
This State Portal scheme / project has been formulated under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) to fulfill the vision of providing easy and convenient services to the citizens through remote access primarily through Common Service Centres (CSCs) and enabling the State Portal (by implementing the key components State Portal viz. SSDG, electronic Form (“eForms”),Application and Computing Infrastructure) Government of Goa – DIT has prepared a Detailed Project Report/Proposal for implementation of State Portal/State Service Delivery Gateway. Through this proposal DIT has identified 45 services across 9 departments for which the services are to be rendered to the citizens through the proposed the State Portal(SP)/ State Service Delivery Gateway(SSDG) application.

Why was the project started :

  1. Providing easy, anywhere and anytime access to Government Services (both Information & Transactional)
  2. Reducing number of visits of citizens to a Government office / department for availing the services
  3. Reducing administrative burden and service fulfillment time & costs for the Government, Citizens & Businesses
  4. Reducing direct interaction of citizen with the Government and encourage ‘e’-interaction and more efficient communication through portal
  5. Enhancing perception & image of the Government and its constituent Departments
  6. Promotion of uniform web interface across Government and build in synergies with the National Portal of India (NPI) using the National Service Delivery Gateway
  7. Delivery of services through Common Service Centres (CSCs) by leveraging the common infrastructure (SWAN, SDC etc.) and development of the applications and infrastructure required for deployment of State Portal and State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) for the State.
  8. Publishing the static data and all information of the State departments in line with guidelines for necessary integration with NPI

Objective :
1.Service Quality- Easy anywhere and anytime access &  Disseminating notifications & publications; 2.Increased Transparency – Transforming interaction model from Direct to Online; 3.Increased Efficiency – Reducing number of Citizens’ visits and Reducing administrative and service time & costs; 4.Accountability – Enhancing perception & image of the Govt; 5.Enhance PPP – Service Delivery through Common Service Centers.
Target group : Citizen of Goa
Geographical reach : Anywhere & anytime through internet
Date from which the project became operational : 7 July 2011
Is the Project still operational : YES

10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

  1. Citizen can apply for the forms from a place of his/her convenience as long as he has an internet access – For e.g. Home.
  2. Citizen can fill the application forms either online or offline. Offline forms once filled can be saved and submitted when the internet connectivity is available.
  3. Citizen can monitor status of application on internet
  4. Citizen can monitor status of application on mobile
  5. Metadata replication feature will enable the government to analyze the usage of the services by the citizen of all the states
  6. The workflow enables the submitter, reviewer and approver to be at different locations.
  7. At the department, the workload can be shared among multiple officers irrespective of their locations
  8. SSDG project integrates the citizen portal to departmental software to make the business transaction truly automated with minimal manual intervention.
  9. Integration with payment gateway and mobile development platform makes this project state of art initiative with cutting edge open source technology
  10. Accelerates the time taken to process an application

List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

  1. The project was launched by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa along with the live demo by citizen on July 8, 2011, in the presence of senior delegates of state & central government and other members from other talukas has witnessed the launch through video conference.
  2. One of the first launches of State Service Delivery Gateway.
  3. First launch of Mobile Service Delivery Platform (MSDP) to enable creation of mobile applications for e-governance
  4. Trained about 125 government employees in a span of 1 month to ensure better adoption of the project in government departments.
  5. 24X7 server and application monitoring for business continuity and 12X6 helpdesk in place to serve the people using the software

List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative :

  1. Awareness of department staff and other stakeholders at all levels, on the objectives, scope and other details of the SSDG program. – SSDG team had to meet seniors like Head of Department to explain about this project.
  2. Clear inventory of h/w requirement in RFP to ensure that h/w procurement requirements are budgeted for – Gaps in the infrastructure available in SDC and required for the project were identified and discussed with Department of Information Technology (DoIT)
  3. SDC readiness to host the solution – physical infrastructure, storage solution, availability of connectivity etc. – Learning is start the infrastructure track well in advance and readiness should be checked to the most granular level of details
  4. SRS sign off takes longer time than anticipated -Achieving 24-week end-to-end delivery timeline for a program of this complexity becomes a challenge – the big bang approach mentioned in RFP was modified into phased delivery to minimize the delay in Go Live of the project.
  5. Back office software is not ready for integration with SSDG & State Portal – a Central Dashboard application has been provided with facility to accept, track and close the requests from citizen. Prioritization of Services which are more important to the citizens to bring more focus and bigger impact after launch

List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

  1. DoIT Goa becomes a reference site for other states which want to go on SSDG
  2. Implementation Agency can reuse the experience in Goa implementation in other states and minimize the Go Live duration.
  3. Architecture of MSDP is replicable for more mobile applications other than push and pull SMS services.
  4. Replicable framework design of SSDG project helps in adding new services to the existing set-up in a faster way.
  5. The infrastructure as well as the application framework which exists in Goa can be leveraged by other states to minimize the cost and also save the effort and time.

List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative :

  1. Can be leveraged by about 18 Lakh Goa citizens irrespective of location
  2. Scalable to cater to the needs of citizen centric services of all the Goa state government departments
  3. Architecture scalable to about 500 concurrent users
  4. Flexible to integrate with multiple heterogeneous software
  5. Not only the application framework but also the infrastructure can be scaled up to serve more than single small state
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9 Responses to State e-Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG)

  1. The Deatial of the projects are correct, however, the project “State Service Delivery Gateway of Goa” has being indicated under Karnataka State, it is requested to modify the same the earliest.

  2. Sagar Gurav says:

    entry name should be changed to SSDG Goa

  3. Amit V says:

    Very attractive and user friendly user interface. Reponse is also fairly quick

  4. Praveen says:

    Good initiative towards the delivery of the Citizens which will help to build a virtual bridge between the citizens and Government

  5. Gaurabh Sawal says:

    The Goa State Portal has has received almost 50,000 hits within a span of 4 months, which is incredible.

  6. Peresh says:

    Good website for bringing the government services towards citizens. This site reduces the time to wait for getting a service from the government office mainly citizens no need to visit departments multiple times to avail the service.

  7. Hirendra Parulekar says:

    Very innovative and user friendly website.