The Success Story of MyEMO

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Registration Name : eINDIA2011/AN/117
Project Category : digitalLEARNING::Best Use of Technology for Teaching/Learning Practice in Schools
Project Name : The Success Story of MyEMO

Details of Applicant
Name : Sudha Goyal
Address : Block G, Sector-57, Sushant Lok – II, Gurgaon, Haryana
City : Gurgaon
State : Haryana
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 122001

Details of Project/Implementing Agency
Name of Organisation : Scottish High International School
Address : Block G, Sector-57, Sushant Lok – II, Gurgaon, Haryana,,
City : Gurgaon
State : Haryana
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 122001
Name of the head of Organisation : MS SUDHA GOYAL
Website :

Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
MyEmo: A software based on emoticons created in Visual Basic by Grade X IGCSE students. The software was incepted, conceptualized, created, compiled and executed by our budding software professionals.

Why was the project started :
The teacher was amazed to see the students at such young age taking keen interest in the technicalities of the software development life cycle. So she instructed them to implement their learning of the topic in this software creation.

Objective :
To enable the students to have indepth understanding of System Development Life Cycle.

Target group :
Students of Grade X IGCSE
Geographical reach : School and its campus
Date from which the project became operational : 22 June 2011
Is the Project still operational : YES

10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

  1. It enables students to search for required information and to organize their findings.
  2. It prepares them to face the challenges posed by todays competitive world.
  3. The software was incepted, conceptualized, created, compiled and executed by our budding software professionals.
  4. During the course of learning of the section System Analysis and Design in ICT, the students were curious to explore more about the entire software development process.
  5. These enthusiastic Highlanders impressed everyone with their commitment, perseverance, coordination and determination while working towards their common goal of the software development.
  6. The students developed a new software module in Visual Basic called My Emo based on emoticons. An emoticon is a graphical expression representing the face of a writers mood or facial expression. For example, :) , :( and: D.
  7. The whole class participated enthusiastically for the development of this software project.
  8. The entire class was divided into different teams which comprised of an Analyst, Designers, Coders, Testers and Documenters.
  9. The overall coordination was taken care of by the Analyst and Director of the project.
  10. The designers designed the input and output screens through Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) and Flowcharts. The coders compiled the entire coding for the software.

List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

  1. The software was incepted, conceptualized, created, compiled and executed by our budding software professionals.
  2. The software was uploaded on the school Intranet and was accessed by all students and staff of the school.
  3. Students had also recorded their development stages in the form of a documentary video called SDLC Documentary.
  4. The usage of the software is demonstrated in another video called How to use MyEmo.
  5. The videos prepared by the students, successfully uploaded on You Tube, received the appreciation from parents, friends and relatives.

List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative

  1. Project planning and management
  2. Team selection and motivation
  3. Content genration and publishing
  4. Development of team sprit among the members
  5. Coordination and execution

List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

  1. It helps subject experts to understand the power of ICT
  2. It provides the platform for students to show case their talent.
  3. It guides the students and teachers as to how they can connect to a topic so well.
  4. It encourages students to become consumers of knowledge
  5. It gives a new dimension to learning and facilitating.

List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

  1. Motivated teachers and students
  2. Supportive and cooperative management of the organisation
  3. Exemplary ICT infrastructure
  4. Regular upgradation of new ICT tools and software
  5. Overall a new thought process within the organization

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  1. C RAJA REDDY says:


  2. Dr Ajitha Nayar K says:

    I would like to know whether the program infiltrate with other classroom sessions and class schedules. Just a program requires a lot of colloboration and interaction among students in school. How did the school tackle such issues ?