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Registration Name : eINDIA2011/AN/123
Project Category : digitalLEARNING::Best ICT Enabled University of the Year

Details of Applicant
State : PUNJAB
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 144402

Details of Project/Implementing Agency
State : PUNJAB
Country : INDIA
Zip Code : 144402
Name of the head of Organisation : Mr. RAMESH KANWAR
Website :

Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
University Management System is an initiative to take all the academic and administrative processes of the University on IT backbone. It’s an ERP Project purely web based that can be accessed from any part of the world with the help of any standard web browser. University Management system caters to different modules like Admissions, HR, Transportation, Security, Examination, Question Bank, Online Test, Learning Management System, e-Governance, Relationship Management System, Stock, Accounts, Payment Tracking System, Business Development, Document Management System etc. The e-Governance module helps to track the performance of the employees throughout the year.

Why was the project started :

  1. To make the university truly a paperless university.
  2. To provide a fully automated functional e-Governance system that can help in elevating the performance of the staff, students and bring a common platform for sharing of the ideas.
  3. A system that truly automates all the processes of the University
  4. To lead the University on to a path of flexible work i.e. Work from anywhere.Through this the staff can ultimately do work from any place.
  5. To monitor different functions and processes for better control, make analysis of the data and project the new data figures through Data Mining.

Objective :

  1. To make the university truly a paperless university.
  2. To provide a fully automated functional e-Governance system that can help in elevating the performance of the staff, students and bring a common platform for sharing of the ideas..A system that truly automates all the processes of the University
  3. To lead the University on to a path of flexible work i.e. Work from anywhere.Through this the staff can ultimately do work from any place.
  4. To monitor different functions and processes for better control, make analysis of the data and project the new data figures through Data Mining.

Target group :

  1. Staff members of the University
  2. Students of the University
  3. Parents of the students

Geographical reach : The system can be accessed around the globe anywhere from any part of the world.
Date from which the project became operational : 1 March 2008
Is the Project still operational : YES

10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

  1. E-Governance: This helps not only in managing all the activities online but also supports better control and monitoring of all the processes of the University providing a unique way of serving students, parents and staff.
  2. Relationship Management System: This system helps in building better understanding between the students, parents, staff and the University itself. Users can log in their complaints, request, feedback about any department etc. There is automated escalation matrix that triggers thus making the system more transparent & efficient. This also increases the accountability of the people towards the system within the university.
  3. Payment Tracking System: A System designed to track the progress of the payment that has to be given to a vendor. Every department can see the payment status as on date.
  4. Online Degree/DMC validation: A System to validate the degree/DMC of any student through website. This helps in VISA, Immigration, and Employment purpose.
  5. : Online Question Paper: The question paper(s) are generated purely online. This system helps in generating an online question paper through a set of given rules. This help the university in strengthening the secrecy required for examination system.
  6. Placement Module: This helps in keeping track of the all the students who have opted for placement services. The data can be filtered according to company needs in one go. The data automatically goes to the company who is going to come for placement.
  7. Student Cash System: Through the system, students can buy anything through their smart card from any shop in the University. They can get their smart cards recharged from multiple counters in the University.
  8.  Two Way SMS: With this system student can know his/her details about attendance, result, grades, assignment marks by sending SMS with a keyword to the system. The system returns an automated SMS with all details that are sought.
  9. Open and Social Elective Polling: Students poll online for Open and Social Science Electives through an interface that happens real time. The vacant seats status is shown online (real time) just like the status is shown in railway reservation. More than 6000 students participate in this.
  10. Hostel Allocation: Works on the same principle of OE polling. More than 15000 students choose their hostel allocation online.

List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

  1. Making 92% of the university processes online with University Management System, helped in cutting down the extra HR and also making such a large system efficient. According to our study we are able to cut down the process time for standard request from 3 hours window to 2 minute window and for a non-standard process from 36-72 hours time window to 3-5 hours window. The University is able to save on nearly 800 RIM(s) of papers used for Time Table in a year and also the University has saved more than 9000 attendance registers(per year) for maintaining the attendance of the students by making it purely online now.
  2. The system is now used by more than 32000 users. Daily average distinct users who connect to the system are: 22000 and Daily hits (duplicate users): 65000+.
  3. Relationship Management System: A huge success where total number of hits in terms of feedback, complaints, requests, suggestion has crossed more than 500000 records in a time frame of less than 2 years.
  4. Question paper generation: Probably the first university where the Question paper is generated online through an interface thus increasing the security to the higher level.
  5. The system purely functions on Secured Socket Layer (for complete session) SSL from 128 – 256 Bit Encryption ensuring safety and privacy of the data.

List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative

  1. Challenge of providing network connectivity in all the rooms for marking of the attendance online by teachers. This was overcome by providing Wi-Fi access throughout the campus and in every nook and corner.
  2. Load on the Server. This was one of the major challenges faced. This challenge was overcome with the help of proper architecture and setting up clusters of servers at the backend. In order to ensure smooth functioning of the system, the bandwidth was also increased.
  3. Challenge of Training: In order to put any system into place, the acceptance of the system by the end users is very much essential. By default whenever new system is implemented, lack of interest and reservations would always be there. This was overcome with the help of training at regular intervals and providing support day and night.
  4. Security and privacy concern was another major challenge. This was overcome by the help of SSL (Secured Layer Implementation) for the complete session of the user.
  5. Data storage and backup was another challenge that was resolved with the help of SAN/NAS storage and automated backups. Proper backup policy was framed to do the backup(s) to handle the situation in case of any eventuality. Data recovery site was also added to ensure the safety and redundancy of data.

List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

  1. University Management system can be adapted by different organizations for the implementation of e-Governance. With this they will improve and streamline their systems.
  2. The system can be adapted by organizations where the online polling concept is used. The system can act as a model for that.
  3. Relationship Management system can be easily adapted in the organizations like Banking, Insurance, Retail etc. where the customers have complaints, suggestions, requests, feedbacks etc.
  4. Validation of Degree and DMC can be easily adapted by the Universities for easier and fast verification of the academic credentials. This can be used even by the organizations coming for placements, immigration authorities and by government bodies for appraisal.
  5. Employee Referral system can be easily adapted by HR of any organization. This helps in checking the job credentials of any employee through an online system.

List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

  1. University Management System is very scalable. Right now it is handling 23000 (distinct users) hits a day. But with the architecture well defined we can easily move to 100000 users in the future.
  2. Storage of the system right now is 20 Terabytes. This is scalable to 180 Terabytes.
  3. The system is scalable in terms of accessibility from any kind of device like mobile phones, tablet pc, desktop etc.
  4. The central Enterprise Switch from Nortel is scalable to 720 Gbps of network throughput.
  5. The Wi-Fi access points which are right now more than 1000 are scalable up to 3000 in future.

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  15. Anil Dhawan says:

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    Ms.Manjeet Kaur
    Project Head Hostel allotment Department

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    The UMS also reminds student’s about there academic activities too.

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    The Management of LPU is best among others university. They give all the information to students regarding their Exam….New Projects….as well as the coming events of every department so that no one do not loose a chance to participate in these events.

    I have no words to say more………

    Just to say……………
    *********************** LPU Zindabad**************************

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    Final Year Student

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    Now no need to go the concerned department .Feedback of our queries is online ……..
    All thanks to UMS portal .

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    Comfort provider system- UMS. Every activity in the university is easily known through UMS. Truely on the milestone , making University paperless. “Best management system”.

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  115. Yeah totally agree with everyone done here commenting…..UMS is really a green project which if accepted everywhere in the country would surely save a lot of paper work and consequently help all being green :)

  116. Amit Kumar says:

    University management System is very convenient for Faculty/Staff and students

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    LPU my Alma mater… is the best that i can ever get.

  118. Indian Academy Education – Systematic execution of long cherished plans resulted in the establishment of many educational institutions in the last decade. Top College in Bangalore, Top College in India. Indian Academy provides a full array of scientific and professional laboratories with student access to latest technologies. Our Computer Science lab is equipped with computers having latest hardware configuration. All the systems are in a networked environment whose hardware and software is continuously upgraded in tune with our requirements and changes in computer technology.

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    LPU have dream infrastructure

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  139. LPU has the greatest UMS facility which really made available in need of individual.
    Ch errs the great fist of LPU’s it is a sort of token of gift. It has the greatest meanings in any terms of need basis in any time, facilities, campus, educators, management, faculties, all are great with gifted ideas and thoughts. LPU is the great university in the world of individual, not matters of a day, weeks, months, years, and centuries, we look forwards for the greatest success & ruler of world rather India at present. Happy journey…Long live Mittals, Long live LPU, Long Live India….Educating India, Educating World. Hopes and prayers from Bhutanese Student Association of India, Jalandhar, Punjab. TASHI DELEK……..

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    mah last year of is going on and i really enjoyed mah 4 year of mah life very greatly here :)
    GOD bless u LPU :)

  142. ankit says:

    awsome university i will reallly miss u lpu after mah last(8) semster …
    mah last year of is going on and i really enjoyed mah 4 years of mah life very greatly here :)
    GOD bless u LPU :)

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  144. Its the only University which really works for students from their heart. Best study environment and all students from different countries and states are very friendly and faculty is well educated.i am proud to be the part of this university.
    UMS is the best management system in world.
    Best of luck…

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    Environment friendly University.
    Go Green

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    Good management as well as admin.
    awsum feature ums

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  159. Very good management system. Very good platform and quality working.

  160. Deepak Bhardwaj says:

    the best ICT system.LPU rocks

  161. UMS is so easy and helpful in every academic work, when doing things online while working in LPU,it seems as we are IT professionals and feel proud to be a staff of LPU .

    Gopal Krishan

  162. ums is a batter way to find out every thing on the spot .

  163. pooja says:

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  164. K.P. Lali says:

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  166. ums is the better way to know every thing about study material .

  167. Anonymous says:

    Only the end user can give the true feedback of a product. We, the users of UMS feel that it is really a great system of information and communication technology. An important thing is that it is very user-friendly and easy to use. And the most important is that it saves time and paper so it is a great contribution to “Go Green” campaign.
    There is no comparison of UMS. My vote goes to UMS.

    Ritu Singla

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    Its a Very Productive University as far as Study is concerned.

  169. David says:

    LPU is Best University

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    Lovely Professional University, one of the finest, advanced, largest universities of India having 35000 students. And
    University Management System(UMS) is just awesome…..
    Best UMS system any university have. Visit

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    lpu is my dream college and its ums system is absolutely brilliant , its very much helpful for us , i love my college

  172. GAURAV SINGH says:

    the best university management system….feed what we need….

  173. SIRAJ RAI says:


  174. edupalli says:

    its the best university management system. it gives us all the notices at very instant of time. its is surely a paperless university. you dont have people running to the notice boards or pamplets being passed.
    it should surely be the university…and its diversified university. people from different places come due to which their diversities are learned by every individual of us